Helping Hand Concept

We are the "helping hand" in Corporate Giving.

What is Giving Hand?

Giving Hand is a non-profit organization that facilitates the donations of major international corporations and retailers, by helping them "donate" their unsold goods to people in need through appropriate charitable organizations in China and Asia.

It was started in 2008 by Louisa Wong, a respected entrepreneur and executive search pioneer from Hong Kong, in response to the devastating Sichuan earthquake that year.

Through the giving of unsold goods to those in need, Giving Hand also helps companies achieve their goals of being socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Giving Hand helps promote charitable acts as a very positive attribute in society as well as in our donors' organizations, by making giving an integral part of how their business.

Louisa Wong

Book Drive: Giving NGOs a helping hand

Women Who Chase Butterflies, a memoir by our founder Louisa Wong, was released in May 20023 in Hong Kong and has enjoyed resounding success and reception. It tells the fascinating tale of a socially awkward young girl born and raised to a family of hardworking immigrants in Hong Kong’s fabled Walled City in the 1960s, who then embarks on a remarkable journey of entrepreneurship to pioneer the headhunting industry in Asia.

Proceeds from the book sales will be donated to NGOs including Harmony House, a Hong Kong-based NGO dedicated to providing emergency hotlines, accommodation, crisis intervention, counseling, and group therapy to support victims of domestic abuse and advocate harmonious family relationships in the community. Let's help them rebuild a new life and be brave to tell their stories!

When you buy a book, the sales proceeds will go through Giving Hand, which will supervise the disbursement of donations to Harmony House and other NGOs in Asia supporting victims and the prevention of domestic violence.

Highlights of key initiatives


- Facilitated the donation of 14,728 backpacks worth USD400,000 by REI, the recreational equipment manufacturer, to the Sichuan Charity Federation in 2009.

- Delivered to shols in 6 locations within the earthquake zone.

TCL Legrand

- TCL, the Chinese electronics manufacturer, donated 60,000 electronic items by working with the Red Cross Society of Sichuan province to assist in rebuilding earthquake-affected regions.


- Over 1,000 pairs of shoes and various sports apparel were donated to the Chengdu Disabled Charity Federation.

Helping Hand Concept

How we help

- Qualifying and vetting charity organizations.

- Coordinating with NGOs, NPOs and other local charities on the ground. We are connected with over 70 NGOs and NPOs all over China.

- Collaborating with like-minded international charities such as Gifts in Kind International to bring donated products into China.

- Acquiring more donors for our qualified charities.

- Setting up logistics funds to help charity members receive their products.

- Helping donors publicize their giving initiatives on local media.